Community Networks

Community NetworksThe basis of all of our work in every community is our community organizations. When we start working in an area we start with town hall type meetings that are very well attended. We discuss how we might work together at these meetings, and ask many details about the conditions in the community. We ask about schools and the number of kids that attend, the literacy of the adults, how many homes have cement floors, how often they eat meat and what, how often or if ever a doctor visits the community and if any modern meds are available. We ask about drinking water, bus service and many other things.

After 3 - 4 of these meetings, we will tell the people we would like to work with them, and ask them to vote on an invitation for us to do just that. We then elect a committee of 10 - 15 residents. This committee (we usually have to teach people how to work on a committee) forms sub-committees for each of our four areas of work, Healthcare, Education, Economic Development and Housing. Our staff then works through this committee as we work our projects in each community.

Committees meet monthly and we continue to have town hall meetings every six months in each community. Our success and accomplishments in every community depend a great deal on the ability and function of these Rainbow Network Committees! On any given day we will have 1,500 or more volunteers and committee members working on Rainbow Network projects within their own communities!

We "network" all of our projects together for both management and financial efficiency and the betterment of the communities. Each of the 144 communities we work in can participate in our programs of Economic Development (micro-enterprise loans), Education, Housing and Healthcare.