Container Donations

We want to help those less fortunate than ourselves, while giving them a sense of pride in themselves and their communities. We accept all of the items listed below year round.

Gently used clean clothing. Please no clothing that has rips, holes or stains on them. Light weight jackets, sweat shirts, and long sleeved shirts are ok for the mountainous areas, but the weather does not get cold enough to require bulky coats and sweaters.

Gently used shoes that have the soles attached all the way around. No holes can be in the shoes, and shoe laces must be in the shoes if it requires laces. When sending shoes please tie the shoe laces together for each pair, this will help ensure that the shoes don’t get separated from each other during shipping. If they are sandal’s please tie or rubber band the pair together.

We do not take the small “Happy Meal” type toys, stuffed animals, puzzles, or any toys that require batteries. The toys need to be in good condition. Games must have instructions in Spanish. We needaround 12,000 toys, each Christmas, so that we are able to give one toy to every child in each village where we serve. These need to be into The Rainbow Network office by the first of September, to ensure they arrive in Nicaragua in time for Christmas. The best toys are balls. The children enjoy soccer and baseball. Dolls, jump ropes, soccer balls, baseball items are some good choices for the children. Please do not wrap the toys.


'The Rountree 5th Grade Exhibition Project (Collected 100 soccer balls and 60 t-shirts.)'

We accept all types of sewing supplies. Fabric is a much needed commodity for our sewing co-ops. The material can be used, but we do ask that it is in good repair.

School supplies are a necessity that we need on a continual basis. We collect the majority of school supplies around August (when school supplies go on sale at local retailers) so that Nicaragua has them in time for the start of the next school year, however we accept donations throughout the entire year.

List of Items Needed