Rainbow Network’s high school scholarship students are the pride and joy of their communities. Currently there are more than 1,200 student scholarship recipients in Rainbow Network communities. In the rural areas where we operate, there are no neighborhood or community high schools. Even without the challenge of traveling to school, the cost of tuition, uniform and supplies makes high school out of reach for our population. Scholarships make it possible for students to feed their growing minds, and give legs to their dreams for a brighter future.

Meet some of our students and become a sponsor for just $30/month. 

Over 8,000 students per month receive an elementary education in Rainbow Network’s grade schools. Rather than constructing new buildings, we operate our 400+ schools in private homes or community buildings. Like so many of our programs, this cornerstone of long-term community development relies on hundreds of Nicaraguan education volunteers.

Leadership development and giving back are integrated in the scholarship program. Recipients are required to volunteer in their community, either tutoring children or illiterate adults in our elementary schools, serving in the feeding centers, or working as an assistant in Rainbow Network pharmacies and clinics.