Feeding Centers

Feeding Center 2A major thrust of our work in rural Nicaragua has been in the area of nutrition including feeding centers. At one time we were operating around 220 feeding centers, feeding nearly 14,000 people one meal a day six days a week. That has diminished somewhat in the last few years as our family vegetable garden program (now numbering over 3,000) and the modest financial success enjoyed by hundreds of our loan recipients, has allowed us to discontinue some feeding centers in some communities.

We now operate 130+ feeding centers, feeding over 10,000 people daily on average. We rely on people from the community to do the work. We bring in the food and the menus and they prepare and serve the food to a designated group of individuals that have been identified by our doctors and public health workers. Usually these are children age 12 and under, nursing and pregnant mothers and at-risk elderly. Our doctors can write a prescription for any adult in the community that is malnourished to participate in the feeding center. Malnutrition has been cut to 8% in areas we serve.

You can help make sure everyone that needs a meal can receive one daily by giving to our Feeding Centers.

Rainbow Network provides these meals at a cost of $.10 each.

  • $100 = 25 children eat for 40 days
  • $250 = 50 children eat for 50 days
  • $500 = 100 children eat for 50 days
  • $1,000 = 1,000 children eat for 10 days
  • $1,077 = 10,763 people eat for a day

Without the feeding centers, many children would not eat for days.

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