Matching Grant

$75,000 Matching Grant

Yes, that's right!  We have 5 families who have come together to match any and all new or special, non-designated gifts, up to $75,000 this fall!  Please take advantage of this real gift offered by Rodney & Diana Hanson, Steve & Patricia Cook, Mike & Lois Miller, Charlie & Mary Beth O’Reilly, Mike DeLacy & Johnny Moneymaker, and one anonymous donor family.

They will really match your special gift, almost immediately after we receive it!  This special opportunity will allow us to fund our medical clinics, grade schools, small business loans, and feeding centers through the coming weeks!  Please take advantage of this now.  Your gifts can be made by check, electronic transfer, credit cards or PayPal.

James 2:26 " without deeds is dead."

90.5% of all money received goes directly into our programs!  Please call me if you have any questions.  417.889.8088.

Ask your Employer if they have a matching gift program.  Many do! If they will match your gift, and our donors will double that, the result is 4 fold!!  ($500 from you becomes $2,000 to us!) You can find a list of employers that DO match at