Medical Clinics

Med ClinicsProfessional healthcare does not exist in most of the communities where we work. Rainbow Network has 11 full-time physicians; all are Nicaraguans, as is all our staff in Nicaragua. Rainbow Network’s goal is to provide at least the basic medical services needed to relieve pain and keep the population healthy and free of treatable diseases.

Our doctors go to a different community each half day and provide medical consultations. Each of the communities know their schedule and volunteers are on hand to meet the arriving doctor, manage the people, dispense the medicine, and help keep the necessary records. Our doctors carry medicines with them and the medications are dispensed immediately. The patients are charged a small fee depending on the economic condition of that community. Most pay 15 Cordoba’s or 75 cents for the doctor’s visit and the medicine that they need.

Over 1,000 consultations are made each month by our doctors and over 250 dental consultations are made.

We offer support to those with special medical needs that are beyond basic medical care; arranging for the treatments, hospital and rehabilitation services required.

Our public health people continue to give seminars and training sessions in a wide variety of subjects, but we concentrate a great deal on parasite control. We do this through medicine for internal parasites, shampoo for hair and making chlorine available to all families in all of our communities to put in their drinking water. We also provide vitamins to all 40,000+ residents.