Special Med Needs

Rainbow Network staff physicians work hard each day to visit communities and treat patients with basic illnesses such as colds, arthritis, diabetes, and respiratory infections. Occasionally Rainbow Network staff assess patients who need additional, ongoing support for more serious medical needs. For these patients, Rainbow Network works hard to find sponsors to partner with specific patients as they strive towards a healthier future.

In years past, Rainbow Network has witnessed many miracles as the lame has walked, the blind have regained their sight, and those on their death beds regained their strength and are alive to tell their thanks and praises to God. Several of these stories can be read in our Success Stories.

You too can be an answered prayer to one of Rainbow Network’s special medical needs patients, providing hope for a better tomorrow.  Below are just a few of these patients awaiting sponsors.  If you want to donate to our Special Medical Needs program, you can do so by clicking the "donate" button below.

Thanks to generous donors all of our special medical needs patients have been sponsored at this time.  We are currently working with our staff to identify those that require more than just basic healthcare checkups.

If you would like you can still donate to our general medical fund to cover incidentals that occur for patients when emergencies arise.