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Student Sponsorships Have a New Look!

Rainbow Network has a new Student Sponsorship sheet; open it up and take a look! The new sheet’s benefits are twofold; it makes it easier for you to share students with friends and family as well as streamlining our office’s  tracking process for unsponsored students. The sheet includes 8 students, a description of our education […]

Success Story: Eunice

  Upon returning from his most recent trip to Nicaragua, Keith was excited to share success stories and words of thanks from people impacted by Rainbow Network programs. One such story is that of Eunice, a 29 year old woman living in the  Nagarote network. When Rainbow arrived in her community 12 years ago, Eunice […]


December. The month brings to mind holidays and colder weather here in the U.S., but in Nicaragua, December is time to celebrate the graduation of high school students. This year, 116 students earned high school degrees in the face of disparaging adversity. Often, Rainbow scholarship students are the first generation of high school graduates from […]