Trips to Nicaragua

trips to nicaragua


If you would like to join a trip to see the work we are doing in rural Nicaragua for yourself, please call Megan at 417.889.8088 or email us at

Over the last 20 years, Rainbow Network has educated thousands of children, built hundreds of houses, given thousands of micro-enterprise loans to start small businesses, provided healthcare to the neediest in rural Nicaragua, and served millions of nutritious meals!

That is what’s so special about The Rainbow Network – our life-saving work has not been funded by celebrities or bulk donations. Instead, our work assisting impoverished Nicaraguan communities has been a collective grassroots effort by thousands of donors across the country.

Two of these donors, Bill and Pam Carpenter of Lee’s Summit, Missouri, say,

“We recently visited Nicaragua with The Rainbow Network and saw first-hand the impact of their work in the remote villages they serve! Lives are being impacted, children are going to school with many going on to high school, communities have access to doctors, community bank micro-loan programs are creating opportunities to earn money, houses are being built and nutrition centers have helped to cut the malnutrition rate in the villages served,” they said.

Rainbow Network’s Founder, Keith Jaspers, gives an example of the impact this ministry has had on one of many children.

“Dory Luz was 4-years-old when her mother brought her to us. She still had not walked, weighed less than 20 lbs, could not talk, complicated with pneumonia and severe diarrhea. This was all the result of severe malnutrition….3rd stage malnutrition! Her life was saved the day she began taking the antibiotics and fortified nutrition provided to her by The Rainbow Network. Today, Dory Luz is a happy, normal and healthy teenager, attending high school on a Rainbow Network scholarship. But it took years in our feeding centers and constant medical attention to finally bring her to this point!, he explains.

Continuing, “One in three Nicaraguan children have some degree of chronic malnutrition. This has been cut to less than eight percent in areas served by The Rainbow Network. As of today, community volunteers operate 139 feeding centers in Rainbow Network villages. These centers are often the only regular source of nutrition for the children, pregnant and nursing mothers, and the at-risk elderly they serve. Coupled with our other key focus areas including education, economic development and housing, we look forward to celebrating many more milestones in the future.”

In addition to our feeding centers, The Rainbow Network has helped thousands of families establish successful gardens, providing fresh produce for their family and often the entire community. Rainbow Network has also given more than 75,000 micro-enterprise loans to families throughout rural Nicaragua, allowing them to start small businesses and generate an income for themselves. “These programs have been very effective in helping the Nicaraguan communities we serve to end the long-standing cycle of hunger they have faced for generations.” said Jaspers. “It can also eliminate the need for a feeding center in that community all together. The Rainbow Network partners with the Nicaraguan people to develop long-term sustainable solutions to poverty.”

Witness the miracle first hand with a trip to Nicaragua as an individual or with a group. A trip includes 2 days of air travel and at least 2 days in-country, giving you the opportunity to experience Rainbow Network’s programs and progress while building personal relationships with the people themselves.

Building trips offer the chance to work side-by-side with the people of Nicaragua for those who choose to fund a house or housing project. We will coordinate your trip dates with the construction schedule to add 1-2 days of labor to your visit.

Please be aware that this option is not suggested for those with physical limitations and construction schedules are subject to change due to weather or unexpected events.

Schedule a presentation so that your church or other small group can learn more about the possibilities of sending representatives to Nicaragua by calling 417-889-8088 or emailing