UMC Ozarks

Methodist Churches Of The Ozarks Area. Housing Initiative

Transforming Poverty into Hope

GOAL: 50 Houses / $4,800 per House

Most homes in rural Nicaragua are dirt floors made with old wooden boards, black plastic scraps, and rusted metal.  Rainbow Network’s housing program builds houses made of concrete blocks, cement floors, tin roofs and locking wood doors. Families moving into the homes must help build the houses and agree to pay for the house over 20 years at no interest for $20 a month!

Each family is expected to partake in the small business micro-loan program to help build their family a better future.  They each have children that most likely participate in the education program and they have access to the medical clinics and feeding centers!

Together The Rainbow Network and the Methodist Churches of the Ozarks Area can provide hope to hundreds of people in Nicaragua through the gift of housing!  Join us as we come together to help share in the love of Christ by building 50 houses for rural Nicaraguans!






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