1. Over 45,000,000 meals have been served in our Feeding Centers.
  2. We have grown to 113 communities in Nicaragua.
  3. Rainbow Network’s 8 full-time doctors have made over 675,000 consultations in our medical clinics.
  4. Rainbow Network has graduated over 1,500 high school students through the Scholarship Program.
  5. More than 30,000 students have learned to read and write at one of our Rainbow Network Grade Schools.
  6. We have made over 75,000 small business loans to start and operate small home based businesses in rural Nicaragua.
  7. 947 cement block homes will have been built by year end, providing safe and dry housing for approximately 7,000 people.
  8. All Seven Network's residents are now 100% mobile - everyone who needs a wheelchair or cane has one.
  9. Thousands have learned how to work together in community committees to improve their lives.
  10. Hundreds of new community leaders have been educated and trained.