Housing 21,068 houses have been built through Rainbow Network’s housing program. Built 25 at a time, these basic homes are made up of 540 concrete blocks, with a secure wood or metal door and a cement floor to prevent parasites. Most have access to basic electricity, and all homes require a latrine and an outdoor cook stove to reduce smoke-related respiratory illness.

For $4,800, a new home is built from concrete, rebar, cement block, and sheet metal. You literally answer a family’s basic prayer: safe and secure housing.

Community participation in construction is essential to the Rainbow Network housing model and reflects our roots with Habitat for Humanity. All construction is supervised by a Rainbow Network staff foreman and work is completed by recipient families working alongside community volunteers. At the end of each project is a joyous community dedication ceremony, where families who never had doors receive keys to their new home.

Families develop a sense of ownership by paying back the cost of materials with a no-interest 10 to 25 year Rainbow Network loan. All homeowners take part in our Micro-Loan program, which creates more opportunities for security and helps to maintain our repayment rate on the $17-per-month mortgages. The pride and empowerment built through this model, transfers into responsibility and lifelong benefits for homeowners and their children.