The Rainbow Network

We are an interdenominational Christian Ministry working only in rural remote Nicaragua with about 50,000 people who live in 144 specific geographic communities. Everything we do in Nicaragua involves community participation. We have significant community organizations in each village and do all of our work through these groups. Our work is focused on four areas, healthcare, education, economic development and housing.

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We build simple cement block houses with cement floors, metal roofs and doors that can be locked, an outdoor latrine, electricity, and water to the area.  These houses replace some version of a mud and stick or scrap built hut. 


Economic Development

Our economic development program focuses on micro enterprise loans, averaging $280 each.  About 6,000 loans are outstanding at any given time. All are for entrepreneurial activities. Simply to make money.



We operate more than 400 grade schools with approximately 7,500 students throughout rural Nicaragua. Rainbow Network has a high school sponsorship program with over 1,000 kids currently enrolled within that program. 



We have 11 full-time Nicaraguan physicians, visiting a different community each half day and set up clinics. The doctors carry a large supply of meds and dispense as they go. We operate 350 feeding centers serving about 10,500 people each day.